Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements

Written by Jack on May 31st, 2008
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Objective: To familiarize the student with the rules rules for logbook entries and endorsements for the different types of students he may encounter as a flight instructor.
  • See 14 CFR Part 61.51 for Pilot Logbooks
  • Student Pilot Endorsements
    • Solo Requirements for Student Pilots (FAR 61.87)
      • Instructor must endorse student pilot certificate and student’s logbooks
    • Solo cross-country flight requirements (FAR 61.93)
      • Without certificate endorsement, student pilot cannot fly solo beyon 25 NM from point of departure
      • Instructor must review preflight planning and preparation and endorse student’s logbook as such
        • Student may make cross-country trips without each flight endorsed if
          • route is no more than 50NM from departure and
          • instruction was given over both direction of the route
    • Operation in Class B airspace and airports within Class B airspace
      • Instructor who conducted the following training must endorse student logbook stating that student received ground training on and flight training in that specific Class B airspace area
  • Recreational Pilot Endorsements (FAR 61.101)
    • Rec pilot must carry logbook with required endorsements on all flights when acting as PIC
    • Rec pilot with less than 400 hours TT may not act as PIC unless logged PIC time in last 180 days
  • Flight Instructor Records (61.189)
    • all flight training, sim training, and ground training time must be certified by instructor from whom it was received
    • Type and date of each student pilot endorsement shall be retained by instructor for 3 years

See FAR 61.51 for Pilot Logbook requirements

Completion Standards: The lesson is complete when the student can pass a written exam given by the instructor covering logbook entries and certificate endorsements.

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