Flight Instructor Characteristics & Responsibilities

Written by Jack on May 31st, 2008
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Objective: To teach the instructor the importance of projecting an image of knowledge and professionalism to students who look to instructors as authorities in their respective areas. To give the instructor knowledge on how to project this image.
  • Responsibilities for all aviation instructors:
    • Helping students learn
      • Devise a plan of action
        • Pretest
      • Create a positive student-instructor relationship
      • Present information and guidance effectively
      • Transfer responsibility to the student as learning occurs
      • Evaluate student learning and thereby measure teaching effectiveness
    • Providing adequate instruction
      • Incorrectly analyzed student may lead to incorrect instruction
    • Demanding adequate standards of performance
    • Emphasizing the positive
      • i.e. When presenting stalls, don’t say this is important because many people die this way
      • Don’t explain what will happen by doing things the wrong way unless conducive to instruction
  • Additional responsibilities for flight instructors
    • Evaluation of student piloting ability
    • Pilot supervision
    • Practical test recommendations
    • Flight instructor endorsements
    • Additional training and endorsements
    • Pilot proficiency

See AIH C. 8

Completion Standards: The lesson is complete when the instructor determines that the student has adequate knowledge of the material covered in this lesson by giving an oral or written exam.

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