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Everyone uses some form of roller runners, whether it's at work, with the car or in the kitchen, roller runners are everywhere. Roller runners, or a sliding rail , are mainly used in draws and cupboards to make sure the draws themselves open and close cleanly and usually fitted at the bottom of each draw to be used as a track for the draw to run on.

These runners also present nearly no operational problems, so they should also offer great value for money when it comes to buying roller runners or a sliding rail.

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What About telescopic railings

Telescopic sliding rails provide an optimal running track for whatever is on the rails. They also experience little to no flexing or deflection when under heavy loads, even when they are fully extended. telescopic slides come in a wide range of variants at Linear and Telescopics, from simple Telescopic slides with a ball cage up to a synchronized version, also with a ball-cage feature. Which one is best for you is for you to decide.

The Draws

Similarly, making sure you have the right office furniture is key too. When designing and fitting an office you will want to make sure that you have enough table and chair for your employees. You will also want to make sure that there are enough tables and draws for employees to put important or fragile things or just so the staff can keep the officer looking tidy.

When purchasing draws you will also want to make sure that they will fit the office properly, not just physically, but aesthetically too. If they the draw fits it's designated space, that's great, but if the draw doesn't look right it could throw off the entire feeling of the office


When designing an office you will want to make sure the furniture you buy is the best quality for your office, but also the most reliable, and draws or cupboards on telescopic rails will never let you down as it's could end up costing a fortune for replacing broken or faulty draws